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“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law!”

A feast For the 3 Days of the Writing of the Book Of the Law!
To the New AEON!!!
For the Prophet and His Bride!!!
And For all who did and still Keep truly practicing & Celebrating The New Aeon law of the Crown Conquering Child!!!

“Love is the law love under Will”

4/10/13 -4/8/14

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Eu gosto do labirinto dos seus braços. No pior dos casos: eu me perco em você.
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Adore is definitely adorable.


Paul Laffoley - The lovechild of Buckminster Fuller and Ken Wilber, who got into Robert Anton Wilson’s acid stash one night while reading ancient Qabalistic texts and decided to illuminate the world through complex visual maps of the infinite.

  1. Alchemy: The Telenomic Process Of The Universe
  2. The Thanaton III
  3. The Five Principles Of Geezer Art
  4. The Solitron
  5. Get Thee Behind Me, Satan
  6. Mind-Body Alpha: The Centroid Of The Universe
  7. דעת
  8. Magical Man
  9. On Becoming A Shadow
  10. The Parturient Blessed Morality Of Physiological Dimensionality: Aleph-Null Number

"While often being called transdisciplinary, theonomous reasoning is actually a first step back to ancient wisdom in which methodological sensation [or what we now know as science] has completely merged with methodological revelation [or totally known mystical knowledge in which every aspect of the occult has been overcome]. A true tradition has no occult or hidden phases left in its process. The creators and the audience are in perfect harmony."

~ Paul Laffoley

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Toda forma de crítica é um modo de autobiografia